Graftobian Pro Adhesive (1 oz)

Manufacturer: Graftobian
SKU: J88510
Strong medical adhesive.

Graftobian Pro Adhesive  

Our Prosthetic Adhesive is a VERY strong meadhesive. dical This product is used by professionals to stick down masks, horns, large appliances made of foam latex, etc. When you really need the item to stick, no matter what, you need Pro Adhesive. 

To use: This adhesive is a contact style adhesive, which is first applied to the face, then the piece  Once it is dried, the two surfaces are approximated or put in contact with one another to form the bond. Try to get it right the first time because the bond is made quickly and surely.
Can be used for glitter tattoos
To remove: In order to remove the piece, our Pro Adhesive Remover should be used to properly loosen the item.
***Cold Weather Shipping Policy 
As a preventative measure for all orders that contain this product it will be an additional charge for heating pack. In addition these, shipments will be REQUIRED to be upgraded to 3 Day Shipping. To ensure that the product is delivered within this time frame, we will ONLY be able to ship this product at the begining of the week to garantee arrival before weekend
Watch the video to see the Pro Adhesive and Pro Adhesive Remover in action.


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